Committee Pages
Standing Committees and Positions:
Sergeant at Arms: Daren Engellant                            
Song Leader: Jenny Nygren
Foundation Chair: Melissa Kaptanian
Grants Chair:  Doug Russell
Membership: Mike Foster, Beth Schecher, and David Riffe
Millennium Madness: Pierre Kaptanian
Party Master: Sandy Carlson
PR/Social Media: Open
Webmaster:  Ben Thiem
Program Chair: Brad Roy
Scholarship Chair: Brooke McMahon and Kayla Andersen, Rebecca Smith and Micah Hill
RYLA: Patrick Gulick
Audio Visual Team: Scott Thompson and Tony Brockman, Courtney Sprunger
Highway Cleanup: Dr. Tom McClure
Blood Drive:  Dave Keim and Craig Harrison
National Trails Day: Tere Hash
Food Drive: Ann and Reece Johnson
Salvation Army Bell Ringing: Brooke McMahon, Kayla Andersen, and Larry Feist
Rotary Volley Ball:  Bob Tuman
Special Committees: 
Peace Park: Tom Esch, Mike Foster, and Alan Ruby
International Services: Terri Smiley
Annual Tax Return: Dave Schultz
Great Bear Beer Fest:  Jim Langford, Sandy Carlson, and Mike Foster
Club Foundation Board: Jeannie Luckey, Randy Ogle, Dave Schultz, Jasmine Morton, Rex Boller